Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Your Art Are Belong To Us

Sometimes I have to take a break from cartooning and make serious art. Of course I use the term "serious" loosely, and if we're being entirely honest here, the same probably applies to the term "art." Nevertheless, on occasion I feel the need to break out the paints and do something different just to keep the creative juices flowing. It nurtures the soul. It's my release.

This weekend's release manifested itself in the form of derpy videogame characters, because even when I'm making very serious art I can't seem to be very serious about it.


Once upon a time I was a great fan of the Zelda series, but somewhere around the turn of the century my interest wavered. I blame Navi. In fact, I blame Navi for most things that go wrong in my life.


Peach was always top dog, but my heart belonged to Daisy. I feel like she had a dark side, you know? She was a little kinky, maybe. Peach was so vanilla.


Samus was my hero as a kid, even after I found out he was a chick. I remember one Halloween I tried to make power armor out of cardboard, but I ran out of materials halfway through and went as a cowboy instead (for like the 4th time in a row).

I quit my job last week to focus on blogging full time, and while I'd like to say this will translate into lots more stories for my readers, I'm afraid I might end up utilizing my newfound freedom to catch up on videogames.

I'm just kidding. I'm almost done with a new comic!

Just... have to... finish... this... boss.

In the meantime, all of these paintings are available as prints in the portrait store!


(thanks, now I won't starve to death.)


  1. I currently have 7 pounds to my name, but I will totally buy a print when I get paid! Not that you'd ever know if I didn't...

    1. The connections that you make early in your career will take you far. After 20 years it is still true for me. This has been true regarding companies I worked for and those I worked with. All you have written is excellent advice.

  2. I'd be more interested in purchasing the watercolors =]
    And YES, Navi is responsible for everything! D=<

  3. I feel like you could write extremely funny books. Please do.

  4. Adam,

    If you could draw me Snake from Metal Gear Solid, I would buy it and love you forever.

  5. Wonderful! You should submit your video game related art to http://iam8bit.com/ - I think what they're doing in the art circles is so awesome. Daisy has always been my favorite too.

  6. You really quit your day job? I dunno if I think you're stupid or incredibly awesome. Either way, I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUr comics. Seriously.

  7. You're going to do this full time?! YES!!! My life just gained a bit of Internet sunshine :)

  8. You're very good at watercolor, I have a hard time controlling this medium though it is my favorite one.

  9. Hey Adam! I'm practicing drawing and have always wanted to try watercolor. Did you use actual watercolor paint or was this done digitally? Looks amazing either way.

  10. I agree with you about Daisy.

    And, it's nice that you won't "stave" to death. :)

  11. Holy Crap these are amazing and you're selling them at a reasonable price!

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  12. Wow, that is excellent delivery. I commented earlier today asking you to post, 6 hours later you did. Thank You. Also, I love Zelda. Hate Navi.

  13. adam where is my portrait >:(

  14. I really appreciate your ability to use color as well. It's very refreshing. Kudos to you for the strangeness of your world and pushing through writer's blocks!

  15. Keep up the amazing work, Adam! You're so great!

  16. i bet this was really funny, if i knew who any of the characters where.... :-(

  17. i LOVE how everyone has saggy tits!!!

  18. Blogging full time?? YES!!!!! :D

  19. Just bought the Deprforce print. Nice work

  20. Yay if that means more Books of Adam I am most pleased!

  21. YAY MORE COMICS! I quit my job last week as well, you know, "to focus on my degree in illustration". What that really means is "be a climbing bum and stop working all together till I get tired of funemployment".

  22. So how DO you quit a job for full time blogging? I've only ever considered blogging a past time which is funny for others to read. How does that make enough money to keep you suitably wealthy?

  23. So excited that you're going to do this full time!!

  24. I know you can do it, i really do, but it'd still be nice if i could have proof you can actually draw someone in a flattering light for once

  25. Peach's boobs make me think she should have worn a sports bra while racing around Wario's Stadium if you get me

  26. Such pretty watercolors (well... "pretty", but you know what I mean), I like :D

  27. Warms my heart every time someone gives up on their stupid day jobs, faces cold hard reality, and starts living the dream!...wait.

  28. Expect more chick fans

    You were one of the links on collegefashion's hautelinks.


  29. Hahahaha vanilla. Yeah, Peach never did seem to be into the whole creepy dungeon thing.

  30. I'm delurking for a second to congratulate you. Way to quit! That's awesome. I'm excited for all of us, but especially you.

    And back to lurking.

  31. Is this real watercolor? If so, what brand do you use, and also type of paper?

  32. Your sketches have always been of excellent quality as you perfectly depict the human expressions to such a natural extent...I am a great fond of your talent and a regular visitor of your blog too!!

  33. Okay, seriously adam, you are the gayest thing on the internets...I love it.

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