Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So That Happened

Tonight at the supermarket I found myself behind a pretty girl in the checkout line.


The universe hates me.

Like this story? Did you know I have a book coming out?


  1. Holy God, you just get funnier and funnier!!! I reread your blog every so often and laugh like a loon! Never stop. NEVER! You hear??!!???

    Also, do you have a Facebook with this insanity linked to it?

  2. hey, big fan of your work.

    just thought id invite you to participate in a artist community blog thing called this day, in real life.

    it basically chronicles odd moments that the participating artists experience.

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  3. What happens when guys find you cute? (Yes I am and yes I do.)

  4. I found your blog through reddit, this comic made me literally laugh out loud. *subscribe*

  5. This is amazing. I'll never believe you.


  6. Very sweet, and well-drawn, too!

  7. yeah, you're too adorable. let's date.

  8. Best response to a compliment about your hair: "Thanks, I grew it myself."

  9. lol this is hillarious and cute!! i love your work ;)

  10. Wow...that sucks monkey nuts. Did you get her number?

  11. Dude I was laughing so hard! Great work, looking forward to more posts!

  12. Bravo my man! Hopefully she thought it was cute and went for you anyway. I'm sure "coke in the hair" is an attractive feature.

  13. loons dont fucking laugh

  14. BAHAHAAHAHA!!! This is like, the 6th time I've come back to this post. It's SO FUNNY and CUTE!! YAY!!!

  15. This is so funny, I stumbled onto it while I was at work and had to cover my mouth to help myself from laughing too loud. Its so cute.

  16. haha great work man! keep it up. i cant imagine how much work this would take..

  17. Adam, show any prospectives this blog and they'll be falling over themselves to go out with you! :)

  18. Stumbled. Thanks for the laugh. Keep up the awk.

  19. that was so great. i laughed. it made my day so much better. :D

  20. Found you trough StumbleUpon: Tou have a agreat talent!

  21. I would have still talked with you after that. It's too funny.

  22. Slanted eyes= pretty asian lady?
    I actually don't visit blogs often at ALL, but yours is bookmarked.

    Thanks for the laughs!!

  23. Awww this is so cute. The universe doesn't hate you, she's crazy if she didn't ask you out!

  24. Ah, the tried and true "drop the soda then have it explode in your face so as to gauge the cute girl's sense of humor" trick. Well played sir. Personally I would have upped my game and demanded your number, but then all chicks aren't quite as rad as I am.

  25. So, did you eventually get her number? :3

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Hahaha, I love you, man! Marry me! :)

  28. "Stumbled" on this - so glad I did - love your talent!

  29. Stumbled as well. Awesome stuff, keep it up.


  30. Well played, universe. Well played.

  31. hahahahaha :) this one was sooooo funny man!

  32. Marry me. now. please?

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. Brahahahahahahahah...........................................stumbling...........

  35. Yep. Girls are the cause of most stupidity by guys. Them and the TSA.

  36. This happened to me recently, except I am a girl and I dropped a six pack of beers, not only did they all explode but I had to pay for them....so sad

  37. This joke is a joke. Can we save the praise for something funny?

  38. you're hilarious. i almost peed my pants.

  39. lol... premature ejaculation

  40. thats so funny!! if i was that girl i would definitely ask you out, your really cute and funny ;]

  41. You are me in male form.
    Dear fuck, I swear it.

  42. That was unbelievably adorable, actually.

  43. This is probably the only time where a Mentos would NOT make the situation better.

  44. its so nice and well down , with magnificent drawings , too.
    Life is a flower of which love is the honey …

  45. haha, cool gag! :]

    send this and few more to futurama, see what happens :]

  46. just head this in a class lecture. bursted out laughing. carl marx was not amused

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Not original, and you shouldn't just directly steal a character's face from fucking American Dad dude. QUIT BEING LAZY, BE CREATIVE.

  49. man i stumbled upon this, posted on my birthday and i gotta say its really good. i can think about what i was doing while you were getting soaked in cola

  50. Just discovered your blog today. It's hilarious-I'm in love. I'd propose if you weren't 5 years my senior. Keep it up.

  51. Oh my gosh dude! I saw this and I rolled. I scrolled up and read it again, I laughed even harder! Sent it to my cousin. Read it again, laughed even harder! I can't breathe right now! This gets funnier every time I go to the top and scroll down! I'm serious dude! I hurt it's so funny! Thank God for Stumble!!!

  52. Nice.....oh, how I love stumbling.

  53. aw, was it because you don't like girls like that? :) (I'm serious)

    I like the drawings. And I think your drawings are cute and funny.

  54. Superlol :D :D

  55. Ah..ah...ah.. very nice your sticker, I have a friend very similar to your character. Lol

  56. Do these bloggers really read there comments? Anyway, you're hilarious. : )

  57. .... This happened to me once...

  58. Fucking hilarious. Also you just got a crapton of marriage proposals and just left all those people hanging. Not cool.

  59. Not to be rude, but am I the only one seeing the underlying euphemism..? :|

  60. OMG this is epic! I am subscribing so glad I stumbled onto this

  61. I love how all these haters have to talk shit but are too scared to leave a name. They gotta be anonymous pussy bitches. Grow up. In any case, it's a funny story dude. Hopefully it worked out, but if not, good luck in all your future endeavors.

  62. HILARIOUS!!! First time reader, found you through stumble, this is just awesome, I will be back!!!


  63. i think i'm in love with you :D

  64. I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. I know it's not nice to laugh at someone else's pain, but you make it so funny.

  65. Hahaha - this happened at the supermarket i worked in while I was at uni. It was "Cup Day" and all the fancily dressed up people would stop and get wine and beer before heading to the race track to pretend to care about the horses. I was serving a Mega Bitch and she dropped a 2.5L Coke, and it sprayed all over the girl at the next counter in her salon hair and makeup and white designer dress. The poor girl just sat down in the shop and cried, and Mega Bitch got her bro-slap of karma from yelling at me for putting cheese and yogurt in the same bag.

  66. Please marry me. I'm really good with guys who suck at relationships, trust me.

  67. Adam, I look at your profile picture and think to myself "My god, he is just TOO good looking." I refuse to believe you're as nerdy, awkward, and unappealing as you claim to be in your blogs. Cause you don't just have cute hair. You're just cute.

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