Monday, October 4, 2010

But....But He Started It!

In Dave Gilmartin's 2006 book "The Absolute Worst Places To Live in America," Allston, Massachusetts took top honors as one of the most dreadful towns in the country. During my college years in Cambridge, I used to trek out to Allston regularly for house parties, and I can't say Mr. Gilmartin's assessment is fallacy. Venturing home from Allston to my house in Harvard Square was always a unique experience, and if I made it back without stepping in vomit or tripping over a dead cat, I considered my night a success. While not without its charms, Allston was, in a word, really fucking gross (ok, three words). I could lament the bodily fluids caking every curbside, or bemoan the pervasive bedbug infestation which seemed to never end, but by far my favorite aspect of Allston was the fact that its residents seemed to have no problem with bringing their domestic disputes right out into the street. I suppose it's not a characteristic exclusive to Allston, but the nature of the fights always had a special flavor to them. I remember one night I watched as a dude stormed out of a house with a forty of Miller Light in his hand, followed by a girl wearing nothing but a pair of Juicy Couture sweatpants, and as the guy got into his car and sped off, the girl screamed, "FINE! BUT WHO YOU GONNA GET YER HEROIN FROM NOW?" I could only stand in place dumbfounded–mostly out of shock that anyone in Allston could afford heroin.

Last night, I could have been back in Allston. I was walking home from a bar, and as I rounded the corner onto my street, I could hear a commotion down the road. I approached the rising bedlam and came across a man standing with his hands in his pockets, calmly watching two girls beat the crap out of each other.


I halted next to the man, taken aback at the unfolding chaos, unable to do much of anything but watch. When I say the girls were beating each other senseless, I mostly mean there was a lot of name-calling, hair-pulling, and angry slapping. I'm sure not all girls fight this way, and I'm certainly not passing judgment on any one girl's fighting technique–I'm certain 95% of the female population could pulverize me. Regardless, I think the primary reason I didn't intervene is because neither of the girls seemed to really be hurting each other.

Eventually, they sort of clumsily wrestled each other to the ground, and one of the girls unleashed a move I've seen my cat perform numerous times. Sometimes, when my cat's really mad at me, she'll wrap her paws around my ankle and proceed to kick me senseless with her hind legs. I never thought I'd see a human utilize the same tactic, but it was surprisingly successful.


At that point I was becoming lucid to the awkwardness of the situation, and started to feel wildly uncomfortable standing there. Finally, I spoke up to the dude next to me.


It's probably a mistake to make assumptions about any single group of people, but if there's one thing I've learned from watching reality TV, it's that white girls are indeed unpredictable when then get into tussles. Granted, when white chicks fight on TV, they're usually drunk on Patrón and competing for the love of some aging rock star, so it's probably not the best representation of Caucasian females. And for that matter, all I really know about black ladies is that they make a point of taking off their earrings before they fight, which leads me to believe they're more serious about it and thusly more skillful warriors. As far as television is concerned, there aren't really any other races to speak of, unless they need a Hispanic cleaning lady or an Asian computer expert (Asian lesbian if it's a computer hacker).

Anyway, my point is I wasn't about to step in a break up a fight with my admittedly little knowledge of girlfights. Truth be told, I've only been in one real fight myself, and I'd prefer not to put myself in that situation again.

That's right, it's time for a...


My one true fight happened in middle school, but I remember it like it was yesterday; in fact I'm getting a black eye just thinking about it. I was riding the school bus home one afternoon, and if I close my eyes I can almost hear Lou Bega's Mambo Number 5 crackling out of the bus's tinny speakers. If there's a worse soundtrack to get pummeled by, I can't think of anything more terrible than Lou Bega.

Sitting behind me was the school bully, though I can't quite remember his name. Alan? Alec? Aaron? Dicklips McDouchebag? Something like that. He was punching the back of my seat, not because he didn't like me, but simply because I was the closest target and easiest outlet for his aggression.


I don't think he even knew who I was, and he certainly didn't care. But what he also didn't realize was that our mothers worked together, and as I sat there steeping in frustration, I recalled something I had overheard my mom mention on the phone weeks ago. Something about the kid's family, something I probably wasn't meant to hear. Something I should never had used as fodder for retaliation, but my blood was beginning to boil. He just WOULDN'T. STOP. PUNCHING.

So finally, I lost it.


I deserved it. I really did. Hunched in a ball, futilely blocking punches, I'd knew I'd made a huge mistake, not just because I was getting annihilated, but because I had aimed so low and said something truly cruel. Getting the tar beaten out of you certainly isn't a pleasant experience by any means, but it's not as bad as I would've imagined. It hurts, sure, but it's mostly just shocking and confusing–the real pain comes later, when you have the time to decompress and realize that even your bruises have bruises.

The abuse was thankfully short, broken up by the bus driver in what must have been a common occurrence for her. She separated us, and as she shuffled back to the front of the bus, I swore I heard her mutter something about her blood pressure and miserable pension.

And yes, I realize that might be an anticlimactic end to such an epic battle, so here's my delusional reimagining of events, inspired by Street Fighter II:


I'd like to claim I'm a lover, not a fighter, but that's simply not true. When playing videogames I become far too focused on blowing up civilians, and I only bought The Sims so I could trap my Sim in a room full of ovens and wait until he set himself on fire. I'm ashamed to say I regularly have dreams about beating the crap out of people–in fact I think I beat up a child–so I clearly have a horrible violent core underneath the soft flesh and impeccably groomed beard. Mostly, I just suck at fighting, and I don't like getting hit. If there were some way for me to clobber people without any repercussions, I imagine I'd just never stop punching. I'd be a human cloud of fists, wrecking havoc across the world.

I don't know which one of those girls won the fight last night, as I didn't stick around in the end. There were no corpses left in the street the following morning, so either one of them arose victorious and they simply went home, or city's waste management program is really on top of their game. Portland has great civic planning, so who knows how many dead white girls are discreetly removed from the streets in the wee hours before dawn? It's what makes America great. That and Starbucks.


  1. the girls going from talking about unicorns, to cats to penis's at the end killed me. thank you.

  2. I just peed myself at work! Thanks a lot! ;)

    I love your picture/artwork for the flashback, it makes me happy. You should sell some of your drawings... or maybe you do, I am REALLY new to your site.

    The part about the Sims- whilst you might not have been totally serious- I am serious when I tell you that I used to do the exact same thing. I was HORRIBLE to my Sims characters. Just for fun. Not sure what that says about me as a person.

  3. How does a conversation go from unicorns, to rainbows, to kittens, to penis's all at that age? I mean, i would assume it would only be at unicorns and penis's for the similarities in the... horn.

  4. Allston isn't that bad....I've never seen a dead cat...

  5. I have to disagree with the above anonymous, Allston is that bad. As I got out of a cab, there was a brutal girl fight going on next to me, a car pulled over and yelled "BITCH, get in the fucking car" and then someone puked nearly on my shoes. so yes, it is that bad.

  6. I'm from Boston and I HATE Allston.

  7. hopping on the Allston bandwagon,
    at least it has character.

  8. Haha, I always did that to my sims.
    Or put them in the pool and take out the ladder :)

  9. This is really great stuff, my friend. I love the drawings and the narrative combo. But I'm drunk at 230am, so whaddo I know?

    Either way, you're bookmarked. Keep it up.

  10. You are really quite funny. You are a very talented writer and artist.
    It's "wreaking havoc", not "wrecking havoc"

  11. Totally agreed about Allston man.

  12. My favorite scene = FLASHBACK! =)

  13. Man, fuck Starbucks.

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  16. The last two sentences of this are so beautiful I want them in framed needlepoint on my wall--hilarious! Please tell me you and Chuck Palahniuk hang out in Portland and have LSD-tinged conversations about politics, preferably while hanging out at IKEA.

    1. Mie goreng adalah makanan olahan yang sangat mudah untuk dibuat, saya doyan banget. Selain doyan makan, saya juga bisa bikin mie gorng yang nikmat, untuk itulah saya bikin blog cara membuat mie goreng spesial untuk menuangkan kreasi mie goreng saya. Disamping itu, saya punya niat untuk berbagi dengan penikmat mie lainnya diseluruh jagad raya ini...


  17. Cambridge? Massachusetts? You went to like Harvard, didn't you?

    By the way, this webcomicblogthing is kind of epic.

  18. you'd be surprised just how cheap heroin is in the boston metro area. and how many junkies are in the pit in harvard square these days.

  19. They really need to make a SAW version of sims just to keep these people busy hurting virtual people and not becoming mass murderers ;D

  20. Omg, you just made me laugh out loud while everyone else in the house is asleep. That was absolutely hilarious. Oh, and we have Starbucks in Europe too, you know.

  21. I loved the bit about Nebraska, I'm from there and it tickles me pink whenever anyone mentions it, just because I'm certain most people don't know of Nebraska's existence unless they really Like Larry The Cable Guy or FRED, (I dislike both, I feel as though they are the worst representations of my sad state filled with corn,soy bean fields, and steaks) It's almost better to refer to it as The Middle Of America, rather than actually give it a name. *sigh*

  22. I loved the reference to abuse of Sims characters. I would always make the useless roommate (who would refuse to do ANYthing) walk outside and touch the bug zapper repeatedly before she went to work. Always made me feel better after a crappy day at work! LOL

  23. I visited Cambridge in November of last year. My sister took me to this really awesome pizza place. We had some pizza with mango and something else, and a different one with mashed potatoes and chives. I can't remember the name of the place, but it was the best pizza I have ever had! I also had Wild Turkey bourbon ice cream at J.P Licks, which was amazing. I had lots of fun in that town. It's a really pretty place.

  24. haha I love the HBIC print on your t-shirt! :)

  25. Alston is the worst town in america? 4 miles from the water in Boston? In a country with Detroit, Camden NJ and the south? Cant be.


  27. I love the drawings and the narrative combo. But I'm drunk at 230am, so whaddo I know?
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